Lisa Kyle Young Photography

Spray Painting Throw Pillows

Our summers can be very hot, dry, and lots of sun. This means that any outdoor furniture, cushions, pillows, etc. can get sun bleached pretty quick. So there is this constant effort of having to replace any outside items made of fabric. There has got to be a better solution!! AND the solution is NOT to move to a rainy climate.

We have some bright red pillows on rocking chairs on our front porch that got very bleached in a short amount of time. I did a bit of research in the internet and watched a few videos and read a few articles on using fabric spray paint. Can’t be possible, can it? So I thought I would stick my neck out and pay the $20 and try it out. What can I loose? I am usually terrible at spray painting and always mess it up but I need to keep trying so I can get better. My husband is terrific at is so he is always around to lend a helping hand but I need to learn to do this.

I bought some Brite Red Upholstery Spray Paint from FabricSprayPaint. It cost about $11.50 and with shipping (expensive yes) brought it to about $20. It is always a gamble using an internet photo when trying to match colors but I thought why not!

The paint arrived quickly and now I needed to try and figure out how to spray paint a pillow, both front and back,  mask the white trim on it, and hang it to dry without touching anything.

I used masking tape and carefully covered all the trim on both pillows. It happened to be green masking tape so if you see that in the photos you will know it is the masking tape. I then found a box big enough to hold the pillow (by the trim) in while spray painting. I painted both back and front very quickly. I knew I was going to spray paint at least 2 coats so I was very careful on the first coast to be quick knowing full well it might not be full coverage.

Lisa Kyle Young - Spray Paint box

I rigged a device in the garage which hangs from the ceiling to hang the pillows on to dry. I tied string to a ceiling storage rack we have and on the bottom ends I tied some of my photography studio clips. I could then clip the pillow along the trim area where the masking tape was to allow for an even dry on both sides. I waited about an hour between coats but I believe you can apply another coat much sooner.  After the second coat I let them dry overnight before placing them on the wood rocking chairs. I used almost the whole can for 2 coats on 2 pillows. (Excuse the messy garage).

Lisa Kyle Young - Hanging painted pillows

And, now for the drum roll…….boom boom boom…and the final result…….

Lisa Kyle Young - Spray Painted Pillows

I ended up loving the color and loving the way it felt. I wasn’t sure what a spray painted pillow would feel like but you really cannot tell they have been spray painted. At least I didn’t think so.

I will be doing this again.