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Placemat Throw Pillow

As if you couldn’t tell if you read this blog, I love to switch things up around the house. Just a few tiny changes here and there can make your home feel a bit different. I am always re-arranging pictures on the walls, pictures in frames, pillows, comforters, towels, etc. I also move candles and lamps around. I don’t do this all the time but at least once a year it freshens things up. I also change things around seasonally too. Use lighter and fresher colors for the spring/summer and darker and richer colors for the fall/winter.

My most recent project was making a throw pillow from placemats. It is really fast and easy especially if you have some placemats on hand that you think would work perfectly for a pillow. I like to have a stock of material and items for doing projects so I had recently seen some placemats that I thought would be perfect for project for either a throw pillow or a tote bag. Which is interesting because I make my own placemats for the table. What’s up with that? I make my own placemats for the table and buy placemats to make throw pillows. Hmmm…..Only Freud could understand.

For this project I simply put two placemats together with right sides facing each other and used the sewing machine to stitch around all four sides leaving a 3-4 inch opening on one side. Then I turned it right side out and filled it with pillow fill and hand stitched the opening. Perfect! Quick and easy. It comes out almost like a bolster pillow, a small pillow to fit in the nook of your lower back.


Front of pillow


Back of pillow


Throw pillow in action

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