Lisa Kyle Young Photography

Is there such a thing as too many tote bags?

I make my own tote bags every now and then and just finished one the other day out of oilcloth fabric. I had not sewn with oilcloth before but I thought it would make a perfect large tote bag for the boat to carry towels in and throw the wet ones back into it to take home to wash. I even lined it with a light canvas material. It seems I usually screw that up especially when sewing in straps. I get something confused/wrong and the straps get sewn inside the bag or something weird. But this time it worked out perfectly. I will post a picture of it soon!

Now RedBubble is producing tote bags from art work. Another terrific idea.

They are printed on both sides on a polyester poplin fabric. They are available in 3 different square sizes, either 13″, 16″, or 18″. The strap is 1″ wide and 14″ long which seems perfect for throwing over your shoulder. I haven’t bought one yet but I certainly plan to as it seems like I am always toting things around what with boating, camping, my art and my photography. Not sure how they would withstand being thrown in the washing machine but I would think hand washing would be just fine.


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