Lisa Kyle Young Photography

Photography Books

Lisa Kyle Young specializes in stock photography for both nature and portraits. Below are some of her photography coffee table books available for purchase.

1) “Lake Life In North Idaho”

In this photography book, professional stock photographer, Lisa Kyle Young, enjoys and explores the local North Idaho areas with one of her multiple cameras always by her side.  This allows her to capture the stunning scenery that many of us are lucky enough to call home. This book encompasses a multitude of imagery captured over the years 2007 through 2020 while Lisa was a resident of Hayden, Idaho.

Sit back, grab a hot drink, and enjoy the majestic beauty of the Idaho Panhandle.

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2) “A Young View”

Immerse yourself in the travel photography of Lisa Kyle Young through her various journeys throughout the world. Ms Young lived abroad for many years and has spent the past decade traveling throughout North America capturing images of her surroundings.

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